Top 5 best cleaner apps for android 2018 are all listed here today in case you’re contemplating on which app is best used in cleaning uo junks on android device, we’ve listed out some of the best with good positive reviews, good ratings and also magnitude downloads, read more about it from the articles shown below.

Sometimes when we use an android device especially when it has enough internal and external storage capacity, we always feel less concerned and doesn’t even think of running out of space, yeah we shouldn’t, but we should be concerned about the the files which could that could slow down our device performance once they begin to increase rapidly, these files are mostly known as miscellaneous files and an example are junks, cache and so on. We can’t see them even when we check the file mangers, and keeping them too much is harmful for our device health, which is why we’ve listed some of the best cleaner apps to help you clear miscellaneous files away from your phone, these apps are listed below for you to read on.

Top 5 Best Cleaner Apps For Android 2018

1. Clean Master – Space Cleaner & Antivirus

Clean mastsr is one of the best and most populous cleaning apps, it’s more than just a cleaner it does all as it optimize your device speed, clear up junks and also comes with a locker feature which lets you hide your photos and private files privately, this app is really cool and it’s magnitude of 500m download from play store isn’t something of a joke,  and it tells exactly how cool it is.


  • Junk Cleaner – just with one tap on your screen, you can easily clean up any type of junk files on your device.
  • Free Antivirus – with clean master, you can secure your android device and scan for possible virus threaths, clean master antivirus will block of any type of virus even before it gets into your device.
  • Private Photo – clean master offers free photo vault which lets you hide your private photos easily.

2. All-In-One Toolbox

All in one toolbox, you’ll surely love this app for its all round activities, all in one tool box app will let you manage your device speed with just one tap, it also works as app manager as you can uninstall apps from there, it also has a mini launcher which really makes the app awesome, it’s the best for me actually.


  • One Tap Optimization – unnecessary apps running in background can be so annoying at times, they really make one ones device lag and also cause overheating, all in one toolbox one tap optimization features will help you out.
  • Boot Speedup – with boot speedup, you can forcestop system apps or normal apps that startsup when booting your device, this makes your android device load even more faster when booting.
  • Easy Swipe – easy swipe makes it easier for you when running all in one toolbox, it stays hidden on your scren and will be visible when you need it.

3. CCleaner
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CCleaner is a popular cleaning sotware on pc ans mac os, it cleans junks ans also deals with cache files which tends to grow rapidly, this cleaner is very light in size, but it does an amazing job, after it was announced that it’s now available on android device, they’ve been lots of positive reviews about it and the best part is, it doesn’t eat up space.


  • Optimize & Clean – all junks from browsers, caches from apps and other unwanted items will be optimized into one place which makes it easier to clean them off.
  • Reclaim Lost Space – Unwanted apps and app files that remains after installation will be cleared easily with the scan and delete feature.
  • Monitor Device System – checking your device cpu, ram space and also internal and external storage capacity is lot more easier and you don’t need to navigate to settings before you can check all these.

4. Super Speed Cleaner

Super speed cleaner is one of the fastest growing app cleaner for year 2018, super speed does all, it’s a very cool app like the ones above, this app does extremely well and it is loaded with nice features which will be listed below.


  • Battery Saver – super speed booster will help you analyze apps with the highest battery consumption rate, and will automatically kill them in background to help save more life to your battery and also increase usage duration.
  • Cpu Cooler – never waste your strength look for that app that causes overheating because super speed booster will anlayze any app that causes over heating and will kill it automatically.
  • Organize Notifications -always getting tired of annoying notifications, well you can use super speed booster to get rid of annoying notifications easily with just a single tap.

5. Super Cleaner

Have you been having issues with your android device lagging all the time,  well you’ve got your perfect solution in super cleaner, this app is trusted by millions of users globally, it will really improve your device performance without hassles.


  • Junk Files Cleaner –  super cleaner will easily help you scan and remove junk files that eat up space on your android device.
  • Security App Lock – you can easily add privacy even to your apps, super security functions will let you setup how you wish to unlock your app either via pattern mode or pin mode.
  • Battery Doctor – super cleaner will easily trace up apps running in background and optimize them for more battery life.

Final Words

These are the best cleaner apps you’ll find in 2018, most of them are free and some has in app purchases which lets you enjoy more advanced features compared to the free version, incase you’ve come across any cleaner app that work extremely nice for you and you feel it should be added here, please feel free to use our comment box, sharing is caring so don’t forget to share with others.

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